The Elbedome: Large 360° Projection System at the VDTC

The Elbedome is a mixed reality laboratory for large-area presentation of interactive visualizations. Far exceeding classic projection systems in its dimensions, the Elbedome is especially ideal for presenting large objects such as machinery, plants, factories or entire cities on a scale of 1:1.

The Elbedome resembles a cylinder in shape and is 16 meters in diameter and 6.5 meters high. Its 360° projection surface thus covers more than 300 m².

Six state-of-the-art laser projectors deliver images of highest quality. The images' depth of field and color mapping far surpasses that of conventional projectors.

The surrounding projection surface gives viewers the sensation of being located directly in the midst of a virtual world (immersion). Various options for interaction such as an infrared tracking system and a variety of direct input devices are available. They enable one or more users to work with a projected virtual environment simultaneously.

Virtual Reality on a Large Scale

© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler

This type of virtual demonstration is excellently suited for designing plant and factory layouts or even for city and architectural planning. It facilitates easier planning of all operations in and on oversized objects. Training for pilots and technical staff jumbo jets is one tried and tested application.

Design Reviews

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Accurate spatial and visual impressions, the integration of various sources of data and interoperability with planning tools are tremendously important for design reviews and no problem in the Elbedome.

Virtual Factory Planning

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Planning a factory or a material flow is an iterative process in which a number of different groups of professions have to work together interdisciplinarily and understand one another. Virtual realities help combine heterogeneous data and unify different points of view.

Mixed Reality

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Its dimensions and technical systems also enable the Elbedome to provide ideal conditions for complex mixed reality applications, e. g. simulations with real control elements (seat modules, operator panels), or ergonomic tests on real replicas or prototypes of workstations, systems or machinery.

Worldwide and Concurrent

The spatially distributed application of virtual reality technologies, e. g. in design reviews or training, is becoming ever more important in our globalized world. The infrastructure at the VDTC enables users to work distributedly – worldwide.

Our Facility

The Elbedome can be used to deliver presentations and as a discussion platform for basic and advanced training events, e. g. in product and process development or as a decision making support.

We help prepare and deliver your presentations and process your data for visualization in the Elbedome.