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Informational Materials in Biosystems Engineering

Automated Quality Control Using a Hyperspectral Matrix Camera

Quality control stands not only at the end of a process chain but frequently also has to take place in preceding stages of production. This cannot always be done without damaging the product, especially biological (intermediate) products with their inherent natural variability. The systems developed at the Fraunhofer IFF determine constituents consistently with out contact in real time. (05/2015)

Soft Sensors: Get More Out of Your Samples

Temperature is measured with a thermometer, weight with a scale. What is to be done when the measured value desired is more complex and unobtainable with a direct, physical measurement system? The Fraunhofer IFF relies on so-called soft or virtual sensors in such cases. Consisting of hardware sensors and relevant software, these units measure complex values. (09/2013)

Automatically Assuring Quality with Smart Sound Analysis

A complete inspection of processed raw materials and intermediate and finished products in the manufacturing process requires methods for the evaluation of products, which determine their properties noninvasively, at high throughput, online and without special sample preparation in order, for instance, to make grading decisions. The systems developed at the Fraunhofer IFF identify materials and material properties not visibly recognizable by external features without contact. (09/2013)

HawkSpex®: A Flexibly Configurable Hyperspectral Camera

Quality assurance frequently entails specific, clearly defined and recurring measuring tasks for manufacturers. A custom hardware and software solution, the HawkSpex® camera system has versatile uses from classifying different materials to grading, e.g. for quality assurance in production or waste management, through quantifying the material composition of a product or a mate rial by means of optical chemometrics. (09/2013)

Quality Assurance of Liquids by Means of Radio Spectroscopy

A measurement system based on the principle of radio spectroscopy, a subfield of dielectric spectroscopy in the VHF radio frequency range, consists of compact sensing electronics and a remote forked sensor module. Made of a highly chemically resistant, biocompatible ceramic material, it contains the capacitive sensor elements and the active signal converter. (10/2011)