HawkSpex® Enable

Fields of Research and Development

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We help our clients with digitalization in their businesses with HawkSpex®Enable. Among other things, this includes selecting appropriate sensors, identifying customized methods of artificial intelligence, and integrating developed solutions in a business.


Would you like to employ artificial intelligence in your business to optimize processes and extract information from your equipment and systems? We will help you.

Data Acquisition

Virtually all equipment and systems produce digital data too. How can these data be made available for analyses and methods of artificial intelligence? Is the data quality sufficient? Are additional sensors needed? We help answer these questions and find solutions.

Data Analysis

What information is in the data? Which data can be used expediently for an optimization objective? We use advanced statistical methods and visualizations to analyze our clients’ wealth of data together with them.


We use HawkSpex® Flow to generate custom soft sensor models for any intended use.

Integration in your Equipment and Systems

HawkSpex® Embedded integrates a developed soft sensor solution in industrial equipment and systems, scaled to the hardware available. Apart from simply implementing the necessary functions, the validity of the system and the data processed are monitored, e.g. when process conditions change.