HawkSpex® Mobile & HawkSpex® Gadget

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HawkSpex® Mobile

HawkSpex® Mobile technology characterize materials directly with a smartphone without additional hardware. A defined illumination sequence of the display’s basic colors with the front camera’s synchronous recording of the light reflected by the target object makes this possible.

HawkSpex® Mobile takes an entirely different but surprisingly simple route. A combination of adjustable illumination and a color camera, a kind of inverse spectroscopy, disperses light in narrowband spectral channels. This is fundamental to the implementation of hyperspectral scanning.

To do this, the smartphone’s display switches to a sequence of different colors in rapid succession on its entire display and synchronously takes pictures with the front camera, thus measuring the light reflected by the defi ned illuminated target object. The sequence of lighting colors produces a spectral image in fractions of a second.

Specially developed methods of artificial intelligence convert the recorded raw spectral data into information in the context of the concrete application. An app enables user interaction, synchronizes illumination and picture-taking, and establishes a connection to a spectral application database.


HawkSpex® Gadget

HawkSpex® Gadget is a product that upgrades this measurement principle with light sources and detectors that can be selected for specific applications.

Numerous applications can be implemented with this system. Ambitious users can disconnect the basic solution described from their smartphones and use it as HawkSpex® Gadget with enhanced spectral capabilities. The LED illumination and photosensors employed make it possible to confi gure the spectral bands for applications beyond the smartphone while basically retaining the sequential scanning principle. HawkSpex® Gadget can be controlled by the same app or operated as a separate device.

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HawkSpex® Mobile live

Scan the 3DQR® code and use the 3DQR® App (available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) to watch an animated film of HawkSpex® Mobile in action.

1. Download the 3DQR® App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2. Scan the code and watch HawkSpex® Mobile in action!



The Fraunhofer start-up specTelligence GmbH has developed an App based on the HawkSpex® Mobile technoloy that gives a personalized recommendation on the sun protection factor based on the skin parameters and the weather.

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The Fraunhofer start-up specTelligence GmbH has developed a software library that enables app developers to use HawkSpex® Mobile technology in their apps.