HawkSpex® Scan

Fields of Research and Development

Hawk Spex® Scan is a platform service from application-specific test design to the planning and completion of required scan trials down to the analysis of the results. We access a full spectral laboratory here and enable work on diverse scanning platforms, from laboratories to manufacturing facilities and field use down to copter and manned imaging flights.


The Fraunhofer IFF is fully equipped with spectral optical sensors that can be used on various platforms in research and development projects. These include a portable local spectrometer that takes high-precision scans of optical properties close to an object. We use hyperspectral line scan and area scan cameras in laboratories, on mobile platforms in the field and on UAV and imaging flight platforms to boost area coverage.


The HawkSpex® Scan multi-sensor software platform makes it possible to build complex scanning systems out of different sensor systems in combination with other modules, such as GPS receivers or light systems. We process the complex data streams produced with standardized modules, record them and visualize them for users. New scanning systems can be efficiently built out of tried and tested submodules in research and development projects.


HawkSpex® Scan specifies automated scanning operations so that test designs can be implemented for systematic scan trials. Such test designs and systems are the prerequisite for solving sensor system problems with our soft sensor approach.