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HawkSpex® Mobile

Modern smartphones are veritably ubiquitous. Many users count on using their smartphones for more than just communication. Integrated sensors (e.g. camera, GPS, gyroscope) play a crucial role. Typically, specially developed software, an app, provides more extensive functions to users. A whole group of such added features are transitioning toward low-priced, easy-touse and constantly available meters and monitors.


Hawk Spex® Tap

HawkSpex® Tap is a smartphone application that identifies major chemical components of liquid or creamy substances. The combination of scan patterns and extracted features makes it possible to determine the chemical composition of a substance. Additional mechanical, optical or elektronic components are not needed. HawkSpex® Tap is a user friendly alternative to spectral optical applications and external sensor systems.



Automated quality control using a hyperspectral matrix camera

Detailed and correct determination of the properties of a product to control quality is an integral part of production processes. Quality control  stands not only at the end of a process chain but frequently also has to take place in preceding stages of production. This cannot always be done
without damaging the product, especially biological (intermediate) products with their inherent natural variability.


Soft Sensors– get more out of your samples

Temperature is measured with a thermometer, weight with a scale. What is to be done when the measured value desired is more complex and unobtainable with a direct, physical measurement system? The Fraunhofer IFF relies on so-called soft or virtual sensors in such cases. Consisting of hardware sensors and relevant software, these units measure complex values.