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Research and Development in Biosystems Engineering

Automatic Image Analysis Workflows

Systematic processing of a large number of images with standardized methods is necessary in biology and medicine to obtain statistically reliable data. Defined workflows and database structures with standardized interfaces between different programs meet demands with a minimum of manual management. Current processing status, overviews and statistics can be retrieved anytime. External programs can be integrated, alternative paths taken and stages of processing that require an expert completed. Parallel processing cuts processing time. Stages of interactive processing can be successively executed for several data sets without waiting.

Automatische Bildanalyse zur Modellierung von Dendriten
This system is being used effectively to reconstruct dendritic spines three-dimensionally from confocal microscope images, to tracking immune cells in multichannel microscope images, to analyze lesions in 3D MRI images and to produce high-resolution microscope images.


Herzog, A.; Herrmann, C.S.; Seiffert U.; Michaelis, B. & Braun, K.: Quantitative 3-D analysis of dendritic spines using geometric models. Society of Neuroscience 2010, 516.11