Automatic Image and Data Analysis

Services in Biosystems Engineering

Automatic High Throughput Plant Phenotyping

We provide solutions for automatic, high throughput analysis and modeling of processes of biological development of plants in laboratories and greenhouses as well as in fields. We create custom solutions that spatially and spatiotemporally analyze and model relevant properties and development gradients of tissues, organs and entire plants. We can additionally model correlations between structures and functions and their interaction with the environment. To do so, we use various, predominantly imaging measurement systems and functional data, e.g. on the protein, transcript and metabolite level.

Methods of machine learning not only obtain more robust results but also, where necessary, integrate existing but not explicitly supplied expertise in developed solutions. Our systems are thus highly flexible in terms of the underlying biological problems and enable high throughput operation. This facilitates the screening of large collections of mutants using a sample that is statistically large enough.

Automatic Data Analysis for Precision Farming

We offer a modular system based on hyperspectral imaging, which precisely (online) scans the nutritional state and health of crops in the field in near real-time. Data can be systematically collected selectively or extensively by the following means:

  1. Terrestrial collection of data using existing agricultural equipment
  2. Aerial collection of data using a drone or agricultural aircraft
  3. Analysis of commercially available satellite images

The heart of our system is its computation of nutritional state and health according to criteria specified by the user. Upgrading typical commercially available systems, our system profits from the significantly expanded availability of data by modified hyperspectral imaging and specially developed data processing based on artificial intelligence. Both not only extend the spectrum phytoconstituents analyzed but also increase robustness when used in productive agricultural operations.

When extensive data is available, supply maps can be prepared for the local, adaptive application of agricultural supplies or local quantitative monitoring of potential pathogen infestation. The system has been tested successfully for a number of grains. We are continually increasing the number of crops, constituents and pathogens.

Automatic Online Quality Assurance Systems in Food Production

We provide custom solutions for continuous (online) monitoring of relevant quality parameters in food production and processing. The suitable data acquisition system is selected based upon the identified material (quality parameters) and the underlying production process, directly into which our solutions can be integrated. Measurement systems for the specific problem combined with mathematical data processing, and expandable by methods of machine learning when necessary, facilitate sensitive measurement of complex quality patterns. We have developed and are developing such systems in close collaboration with industry clients in various domains of food production, e.g. staples and snacks.