Business Unit Convergent Infrastructures: Energy Systems and Equipment

With Smart Applications to Sustainable and Reliable Energy Systems

We develop smart solutions together with our industry partners that make energy systems and equipment future viable. Digital technologies are making systems and operations in businesses more efficient, cost effective and sustainable. Moreover, we use perfectly matched digital applications and services based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, distributed decision-making, multi-system simulation and virtual assistance to optimize these systems’ reliability and dependability.

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Your Benefits

Design your energy systems together with us and take advantage of our research expertise:


  • Economically optimized management of all your energy systems in perfect interaction
    • electricity
    • heat
    • transportation and supply chains
    • gas
    • industrial media flows and processes
  • Resilient, dependable and reliable energy systems and equipment
  • Faster response times during failures through digital assistants
  • Testing of potential new technologies in safe settings

Our Services

We will advise you as you


  • develop and test digital applications and services in the energy sector for current and future challenges, and
  • design and optimize for cross-sector supply systems.

Current Foci


Development and Testing of Current and Future Vehicle-for-Grid Designs and Services in Rural Electricity Grid Structures


Using Power Electronic Systems for Smart Local Grid Transformers


Digital Twin for Reliable Electricity Transmission Grid Operation


Optimal Electric Vehicle Use and Operation in Mass Transit and Personal Transportation in the City of Kiel


Adaptive Control of Energy Storage


We Are Looking for Partners for Our Future Research Topics

  • collective control of plants and equipment in distribution grids using distributed ledger technologies

Solutions from Completed Projects


Reliable Operation of Distribution Grids Using Distributed and Renewable Energy Sources



Upgrading Conventional Distribution Grid Control Centers to Be Future-Proof, Dynamic Control Centers



Renewable Energy Systems and Storage Systems