Business Unit Convergent Infrastructures: Land-Use and Structure Development

Digital. Smart. Applied


We research and develop digital technologies and mixed reality solutions for land-use and structure projects. Our aim is to support such development projects actively and to expedite them with our technologies.

Infrastructure can be planned more efficiently, complex processes can be visualized understandably and work activities can be organized more reliably with our innovative scientific methods.

Our digital tools and system solutions are always matched to the individual demands of your business or project, enabling us to achieve high process efficiency and optimal results.

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Your Benefits

We use our innovative design and communication tools to help construction and infrastructure planners develop, implement and foster acceptance of their projects through:


  • an integrated public image of businesses and regions
  • analysis of the impact of planning actions at an early stage
  • inclusion of those affected and involved in good time, and
  • safe work at construction sites/increased human and machine safety through technical assistance.

Our Services

We will advise you on


  • methods and tools for regional and infrastructure planning,
  • mixed reality assistance systems for operation, and
  • cloud-and IoT-based platforms for the operation of industrial infrastructures.

Current Foci

Smart Services  

Smart Assets in Smart Industrial Parks



We Are Looking for Partners for Our Future Research Topics

  • integrated land-use and energy planning at the Brumby facility

Solutions from Completed Projects

Virtuelle Region Magdeburg

Visualisierungsverfahren zur Darstellung regionaler und kommunaler Räume sowie ihrer Entwicklungspotentiale 

Virtuelle Windkraftplanung

Virtuelle Technologien zur Abschätzung von Betroffenheit und Kommunikation von Planungsmaßnahmen

Digital Steel Builder

Digital Manufacturing Facility Twin for Optimized Operation

Virtuelle Lernfabrik

Mehr Sicherheit für Mensch und Maschine mit virtuellen Lernumgebungen im Arbeitsschutz


Head Mounted Display - Lösungen zur effektiven Kommunikation in der Bauplanung


Infrastructural Regional and Business Development Based on an Experience and Collaboration Platform