The Elbedome: Large 360° Projection System

Elbedome Office

Virtual Environment and Tool Development

The Elbedome is a mixed reality lab for the large-scale presentation of interactive visualizations. Dwarfing classic projection systems in its dimensions, the Elbe Dom is particularly suited for the representation of large objects such as machinery, plants, factories or entire cities on a scale of 1:1.

We design virtual environments and develop VR tools that are customized for your company’s individual needs to optimize your operational performance. Such environments and tools can be used, for instance, to analyze safety compliant with CE or to plan material flows more effectively or to organize corporate knowledge transfer sustainably.

  • Fields of Use
    • Digital mapping of every process in the product life cycle
    • Custom software solutions in every domain of the product and production equipment life cycle
  • Features of Our VR Tools
    • Modular design
    • Custom solutions for each use case
    • Upgradability
    • Versatility
    • Sustainability and network capability
    • Intuitive user interfaces
    • Integrated standard interfaces