The Elbedome: Large 360° Projection System

Research and Development at the Elbedome

Scalable and Distributed Virtual Work Environments and Experience Spaces (OmniVEDS)

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Manufacturers typically use virtual realities to support digital mock-ups, design reviews and decision-making as well as training, communication and marketing activities. Further increasing the use, practicability, acceptance and spread of such virtual technologies necessitates further improving the sense of immersion and the options for interaction in standard virtual work environments employed by industry.

Novel approaches to generating, displaying and interacting with virtual realities in scalable and connected virtual work environments and experience spaces are being developed and evaluated in the OmniVEDS project.

Review3D Visualization System for Digital Factories

© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler

Digital models and methods are used to design, implement and control every essential factory process and resource in a digital factory.

The results of simulation and design have to be visualized quickly and trouble-free interaction between static factory and plant layouts and dynamic processes has to be verified continuously.

The visualization tool Review3D provides a variety of solutions to do this.