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Research and Development at the Elbedome

Simulation and Visualization for Digital Factories

Review3D Visualization System for Digital Factories

Digital models and methods are used to design, implement and control every essential factory process and resource in a digital factory.

The results of simulation and design have to be visualized quickly and trouble-free interaction between static factory and plant layouts and dynamic processes has to be verified continuously.

The visualization tool Review3D provides a variety of solutions to do this.

Features of the Review 3D Visualization System

  • Review3D capabilities
    • Functional design reviews of factories and plants
    • Simulation of supply chains and materials supply
    • Simulation of robotic cells and assembly operations
    • Design of ergonomic manual operations and workspaces
    • Integration of results from widely varying simulation and design systems through interoperable interfaces
    • Professional public relations and marketing
  • Review3D features
    • CAD systems
    • Laser scanning
    • Simulation systems
    • Motion capture
  • Review3D functions
    • Interactive discussion and documentation platform for digital production planning
    • Representation of automated and manual assembly operations (virtual people)
    • Importation and optimization of geometry
    • Integration of realistic materials and environments
    • Visualization using immersive projection systems and mobile terminals