Laboratories and Equipment

LogMotionLab: Tools and Methods for Operating Logistics Systems Smartly

Our LogMotionLab is a laboratory for the testing and development of identification and communications technologies for use in production and logistics processes. Our researchers develop and implement custom solutions for reliable and secure supply chains. Among other things, the LogMotionLab is equipped with RFID and telematic components and the laboratory’s mobile components allow individual functional tests at customers’ facilities under real operating conditions.

The practicability of technologies for specific corporate processes is tested and neutrally assessed in the LogMotionLab. Our work focuses on selecting technological components, configuring complete systems, testing function – even in difficult environments – and identifying priorities for transponder development in specific processes. The laboratory is a service center for companies that assures every client custom solutions to optimize their logistics processes.

The LogMotionLab provides systems for

  • container management,
  • tool management,
  • receiving, shipping and warehousing,
  • indoor and outdoor positioning and navigation,
  • anti-tamper component marking,
  • telematics-based logistics process certification,
  • product tracking solutions and
  • people flow analysis.