Secure and Reliable Operations through Digital Logistics

Research and Development in Material Handling Engineering and Systems

Securing Infrastructures through Image-based Motion Analyses

Airport Security System FluSs

The public joint project FluSs is defining a security management concept. The starting point is an analysis of model threat scenarios at Frankfurt Airport and its environs as well as its current security infrastructure and processes. The security management concept is intended to increase security from outside in.

In the project, different partners are applying the latest screening systems and sensor technologies that detect hazardous substances, ID technologies, positioning and navigation technologies and technologies that recognize and analyze objects, motions and patterns and implementing select technical demonstrators in an integrated systems architecture.

Operational, Near Real Time Forecasting Based on Sensor Systems for Motion Analyses

In the project, the Fraunhofer IFF is working on video-based motion pattern recognition and people and passenger flow analysis and, building upon this, near-real time forecasts in short time horizons that support decision making by operational security management.

The project is being supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in its “Research for Civil Security” program’s call “Protecting Traffic Infrastructures”.