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Monitoring Cargo Capacities for Ad Hoc Logistics

Intermodal Transport Routing Information System (IMOTRIS)

An automatic intermodal freight routing information system is being developed in the joint project IMOTRIS. Optimal shipping routes freight and types of freight are automatically computed and offered, factoring in individual freight carriers’ capacities, availabilities, speeds and environmental factors.

IMOTRIS provides clients of logistics services an online platform that uses standard interfaces and processes (Web services) and innovative methods and algorithms to combine near real-time information on logistics and handling contractors and their means of transport into optimized shipping routes and to recommend order options.

The Fraunhofer IFF is relying on the real time availability of information on the status of individual shipping resources. In particular, information on their location and free cargo space can be used to simply and transparently combine overland shipments to organize them more environmentally compatibly and cost effectively. The transport platform developed in IMOTRIS uses information delivered by automatic cargo space monitoring and on vehicle location to match free capacity to inquiries and contract them ad hoc.