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Cargo Space Monitoring Makes the Transport Chain Transparent

Transparent and efficient transport logistics would receive significant support if carriers were able to dynamically plan routes ad hoc anytime and based on the order situation. In addition to having information on the order situation and vehicle locations, it is essential to know how much free cargo space a particular vehicle has. The Fraunhofer IFF has developed an optical system that monitors cargo space continuously, i.e. scans the cargo space fill level and the quantity shipped, in order to provide information on free cargo space automatically and in real time to carriers, for instance.

Based on optoelectronic measurement, range imaging sensors deliver images with 3D depth data on a vehicle’s cargo space. This novel and inexpensive system generates a spatial representation of cargo space and its packed structure precisely to the centimeter at any time. This, additional image data and vehicle location are sent to a central server, e.g. a trucking company’s routing system. This enables carriers to schedule additional shipping jobs ad hoc.

The Advantages of Cargo Space Monitoring at a Glance:

  • An overview of vehicle utilization is always available.
  • Routes are optimized.
  • Ad hoc orders can be added to a vehicle already underway.
  • Fuel is saved and the carbon footprint reduced.
  • Shipments can be localized.
  • Allegedly damaged shipments can be traced completely for insurance companies and clients.