Secure and Reliable Operations through Digital Logistics

Research and Development in Material Handling Engineering and Systems

Transparency in Production and Logistic through Range Imaging Sensor Systems

Demands for automatic object contour scanning in production and logistics are growing, whether to compute necessary shipping capacities, to optimize packing structures, to scan shipment sizes in order to control sorting systems or to determine the filling level of storage areas or cargo spaces.

As a technology partner, the Fraunhofer IFF transfers new high-tech sensor systems originally from the consumer goods industry to technical applications in manufacturing and logistics. One application is the automatic determination of free cargo space in commercial vehicles by means of cargo space monitoring.

As a research and development partner, the Fraunhofer IFF develops custom integrative solutions that robustly use high-tech range imaging sensor systems in production and logistics.

The advantages of range imaging sensor systems at a glance:

  • Custom integration of applications from one source
  • Analysis of processes, development of algorithms and integration of sensors and data in higher-level systems
  • Inexpensive sensor systems, even with integrated processors for integration in networks by Ethernet (http, Profi net)
  • Extensive software module kits for the analysis of measured data and modification for customer needs