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VR Technologies for the Planning of Sensor Systems in Logistics Hubs

Since the need in major international logistics nodes for sensor systems that can be verified and validated continues to grow, the market potential for the development of suitable testing and evaluation applications is great.

In ViERforES subproject 2 “Critical Infrastructure Security Assessment at Logistics Nodes” is using Saxony-Anhalt Galileo Test Bed’s logistics platform as a multimodal logistic hub test environment in order to research and improve the use of sensor under uncooperative condition. A local radio positioning system, a variety of camera systems and a WLAN communications system have been installed in Magdeburger Hafen GmbH’s Hanse Terminal der for this purpose.

Critical Infrastructure Security Assessment at Logistics Nodes

The intention is to develop a VR-based monitoring system based on data acquired by the logistics hub multi-sensor system, which maps and analyzes process scenarios and incorporates and evaluates near real-time data from the sensor systems distributed throughout the Hanse Terminal. This will make it possible to identify critical situations, especially on port premises uncooperative with sensors