Services in Material Handling Engineering and Systems

Demands for automatic identification and localization of objects are also mounting for the documentation and control of processes in production and internal and transport logistics. Smartly combining wireless and image-based identification and localization technologies is the key to determining the status of a logistical operation automatically. The development and use of standardized Auto-ID systems generate clear synergisms for the reliability and efficiency of logistical operations – even in long supply chains.

An element of digital logistics, smart logistics zones ultimately describe the ways smart objects can be used in a matching infrastructure to get closer to the goal of complete transparency of logistics operations.

Pursuing this goal, we provide our clients support from the analysis of existing processes and environments to the definition and design of target processes through the implementation of modified operation and environments with the support of wireless and image-based technical systems. In particular our Expert Group has extensive experience and expertise in the development, integration and use of:

  • wireless and image-based Auto-ID and positioning systems indoors and outdoors,
  • IT structures for smart items, load carriers and equipment as well as people,
  • systems that analyze and display the movements of flows of commodities and people in internal logistics and
  • handling technologies for smart containers.