Efficient Energy Concepts for the Future

Laboratories in Convergent Infrastructures

Process Development Laboratory


Our Process Development Laboratory houses numerous pieces of equipment that analyze the composition of fuel and flue gases produced when biomass, fuel and residues are combusted or gasified.

These include our

  • Laboratory-scale stationary fluidized bed gasifier,
  • Laboratory-scale variable fuel gas purification system,
  • Gas mixing unit for syngases and
  • Extensive gas measurement systems (gas chromatograph, thermal conductivity detector and infrared spectrometer).

Our laboratory additionally has advance instrumentation and control systems for engineering and testing control processes for thermal plants. We have equipment for flue and fuel gas analysis, tar and particulate measurement and local online measurement of oxygen in combustion chambers.

Laboratory-scale Fluidized Bed Gasifier with a Gas Purification Test Stand

At the Fraunhofer IFF’s Virtual Development and Training Center, we have a laboratory-scale fluidized bed gasifier with a gas purification test stand that can be operated with a variety of gasifying agents (air, team and oxygen) and with variable catalyst materials to test the efficiency of gasification processes.


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