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Process Manufacturing 4.0: More Efficient Manufacturing and New Business Models through Digital Transformation

Digital analysis tools are essential elements of cost cutting in process manufacturing. They support manufacturing and boost efficiency or cut expenditures for the maintenance of manufacturing equipment and systems. They are part of advanced Industrie 4.0 solutions that any company can easily implement right away.

The Fraunhofer IFF will help you whenever you want to implement digital analysis tools in your manufacturing operations. We are a leading developer and user of digital tools and Industrie 4.0 solutions. We use our expertise in process engineering research and development as well as our decades of experience in process manufacturing to provide companies advice and support during implementation.

Proper data analysis is key to efficient equipment and plant operation and is one of our main areas of expertise. For instance, we will develop custom predictive maintenance algorithms for you that enable you to cut your expenditures on it. We will also develop soft sensors for you that you can use to cut your company’s expenditures on process analysis. The right data analyses will also enable you to forecast power flows twenty-four hours in advance and take action early to prevent costly peak loads. Digital data analyses will even enable you to generate entirely new business models and thus profitable new opportunities for revenue.

Let us help you implement your Industrie 4.0 applications in your manufacturing operations. Contact us.

Data Analyses in Process Manufacturing

Leverage Potential Savings by Analyzing Data

Although operating data from manufacturing plants are frequently archived by distributed control systems, their intrinsic experiential knowledge about plant performance is underutilized. Utilize your operating data to

  • replace process analysis with soft sensor systems and thus cut operating expenses,
  • develop correlations for specific manufacturing costs (e.g. in euro per ton of product) and thus manage your process with optimal cost effectiveness, and
  • develop correlations for recurring, unscheduled plant downtimes (e.g. caused by inadvertent polymerization) in order to prevent or at least to delay such plant downtimes in the future.

Let us help you develop and complete such data analysis projects. We can also help you implement developed algorithms in your distributed control system.



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Smart Maintaince in Process Manufacturing


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