Laboratories and Equipment in Virtual Engineering

The Virtual Engineering Business Unit has a large number of commercial design and simulation tools, which are connected into integrated development chains by specialized tools developed by us. This is the basis for our development of your customized solutions for the design of your products and machinery using state-of-the-art methods of digital engineering.

Our most important tools are:

  • CAD: ProEngineer, SolidWorks, AutoCad, EPLAN
  • Numeric modeling and simulation: Modelica/Dymola, MatLab/Simulink
  • Structural analysis: ANSYS (FEM, Multiphysics, CFD), Maxwell
  • Control systems engineering: WinMod, Virtuos, Siemens Automation Designer, B&R Automation Studio
  • Automatic modeling: Cad2Sim©, Vincent©, Robotmax©
  • Distributed real-time simulation: IFF-RESI©

Other tools can be custom designed in our integrated design system.

Highly specialized staff in interdisciplinary teams use high-end PC equipment to develop state-of-the-art automated solutions contracted by customers. Among other things, the Elbe Dome and the Fraunhofer IFF's testing facility with its efficient infrastructure are available for the development and testing of systems and equipment.