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Modular Force-sensitive Legged Robot (ANTON)

A prototype of a modular six-legged robot was developed at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

This highly mobile and maneuverable robot is able to navigate unfamiliar terrain, surmount obstacles and provide support for inspection jobs and service operations.

Complicated mechatronic systems, legged robots can be used for academic and applied research such as:

  • Gait generation and motion control
  • Mobile robots’ interaction with terrain and objects
  • Motion on soft and smooth surfaces and adaptation to surfaces with unfamiliar and varying bearing capacity
  • Use of robot bodies as adaptable platforms and as machines that transport tools and perform service operations (drilling, assembly, etc.)
  • Inspection jobs in spaces and pipes and on complex terrain, especially in environments hazardous for humans
  • Development and optimization of algorithms for motion control and climbing and service jobs
  • Surmounting of obstacles much larger than a robot’s body and movement over fissured terrain
  • Capability to climb stairs and navigate narrow passageways
  • Capability to use individual legs as manipulators