Informational Material in Virtual Engineering

Digital Technologies for Networked Manufacturing

The digitization of the manufacturing world is forging ahead. Small and medium-sized enterprises intent on keeping up with this development are particularly in need of solutions for custom digital technologies and, thus, interfaces to their customers' digital factories. As a technology partner, we develop, configure and integrate digital methods, tools and interfaces for flexible manufacturing. (05/2014)

Mobile Assistance Systems Support Plant Operation

Manufacturing plants and operations are growing more and complex and diversified. Despite the rising level of automation, humans continue to play a key role in this environment as actors and decision makers. The Fraunhofer IFF has developed a system that generates customized assistance information and delivers it to different mobile devices as it is needed. (10/2014)

Digital Engineering in Machinery Manufacturing

The crucial criterion for machinery and plant manufacturers’ competitiveness is the capability to develop technically sophisticated and high-risk projects in shorter and shorter time with minimal costs and high quality.  The Fraunhofer IFF delivers custom solutions for you to develop your products. Upon request, we will develop your custom machinery, from the idea to the start  of production, or provide software tools that enable you to engineer efficiently. (03/2014)

Expediting and Validating Development

The increasing complexity of machinery requires more work to develop control systems, from their design to their commissioning. A software system developed at the Fraunhofer IFF uses virtual models to program and test control systems: Sequences of functions are taught and tested and extensive safety functions are generated automatically on a virtual model. (03/2014)

Efficient Engineering Using Virtual Machines

Developers and vendors of complex machinery and plants have to complete technically risky projects on time, at cost and to quality. New methods of integrated digital engineering provide valuable support: Virtual models can be used to validate concepts at an early stage, parallelize stages of development and validate features. The Fraunhofer IFF developed the software system VINCENT, which is tailored specifically to the needs and capabilities of small and medium-sized machine manufacturers. (10/2014)

Efficient Control Programming

Controller programmers are normally the last in the chain whenever machinery and plants are being developed. Commissioning and testing can only be undertaken when the real machine has been built. In response, the Fraunhofer IFF developed a software environment. The heart of the software tools is a virtual machine that simulates and visualizes a real machine’s functions. (10/2014)

EMELI: Key to Standardized Product Development

One classic weakness during the development of ambitious and risky projects is communication among the individual engineering disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, control, etc. The software environment EMELI centralizes all of the engineering disciplines’ work on a mutual basis, thus enabling the engineers themselves to work hand-inhand toward the success of a project. (10/2014)

Safety at the Push of a Button

Advanced, highly optimized and efficient manufacturing equipment usually consists of a multitude of cooperating components controlled by different embedded systems and/or PLCs. In response, the Fraunhofer IFF developed the VINCENT software environment. The heart of VINCENT is a virtual machine that simulates and visualizes a real machine’s functions. VINCENT is extended by the AGENS safety module, which facilitates the development of machine safety. (10/2014)