Research and Development in Virtual Engineering

Assistance Systems for the Commissioning of Factories

Our mixed reality (MR) methods and tools facilitate construction, maintenance and servicing of complex manufacturing plants. Mobile terminals supply planning and engineering data as needed to support assembly operations on site and to guarantee their quality. Combined methods of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) integrate model data from the engineering and simulation of plants and processes in the assistance system.

Especially in light of demographic change, assistance based on visual information is an integral part of smart workstation systems that help people execute their jobs according to their skills. What is more, the models created are also combined with AR methods for innovative marketing and sales. Overlays of manufacturing plants can be presented impressively on product catalogs.

Our Services

  • Custom mixed reality solutions based on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Visualization of instructions and even complex engineering data
  • Creation of interactive VR contents on the basis of existing CAD data

Your Benefits

  • Virtual models for commissioning, training and sales from one source
  • Situational presentation of information on site using mobile terminals
  • Support of workers doing complex jobs (assembly, commissioning, operation, servicing) and documentation and standardization of internal company know-how

Reference projects



Process Development Assistance System.


Mobile Manufacturing Assistance Systems


3D Mapping

For routine inspection and documentation of the condition of buildings.