Research and Development in Virtual Engineering

Medical and Medical Technology Simulation

We develop solutions that facilitate the development of products and procedures in medicine and medical technology. We concentrate on methods to plan, optimize and train new treatments and to simulate equipment and instruments. We develop methods to visualize organic structures from medical imaging and to simulate their dynamic performance interactively.

Our Services

  • Design support and modeling of medical instruments
  • Generation of models of anatomical structures (organs and blood vessels)
  • Simulation of therapeutic procedures and instruments in virtual real-time environments

Your Benefits

  • Support of your product development
  • Testing and validation of new methods of treatment
  • Shortening of basic and advanced training through supplementary training on virtual models

Reference projects


Simulation Environment for Laparoscopic Procedures


Expert System for Automatic Dental Prosthetic Design



Research is being done worldwide on controlling robots by thought alone in order to enable people with severe physical disabilities to interact with their environments.

Modeling and Simulation of a Ventricular Assist Device