Research and Development in Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering Methods and Tools

The Virtual Engineering Business Unit develops methods and tools for integrated digital development of mechatronic systems such as custom machines, robots and handling systems. Their performance and practicability have been demonstrated in several major industrial development projects.

Our Services and Your Benefits

  • Integrated and consistent data storage across every domain in the development process that eliminates breakdowns in coordination and work on obsolete versions
  • Integrated support of parallel engineering that shortens development times
  • Early identification of problems in a system
  • Testing and optimization of the operations and performance of machines and plants in virtual models
  • Automatic control code generation and testing (PLC, NC, PC, etc.)
  • Value added by utilizing data for machinery and plant commissioning, servicing and operation

Methods and Tools



Integrated Use of Data in Development.





Demonstrate Instead of Programming.



Real-Time Interfacing of Diverse and Distributed Design and Simulation Tools.


Modular Robot Configuration Tool.


Automatic generation of dynamic multi-body system models from CAD drawings from different systems.


Electrical engineering simulation models are generated from EPLAN automatically.