Virtual Engineering Business Unit Services

InVEnt Business Game: Experience interactive virtual engineering as a team

Efficient engineering will require digital process support in the future. Innovative tools can be used to create a digital twin of a system without additional effort and with added value for the entire system life cycle. More agile working and thinking, interdisciplinary teamwork, parallel and interactive workflows with integrated data management are the result. Are you wondering how this can be implemented practically? Experience it!

The Game


Experience virtual development with a digital twin directly in a development project.


Players form an interdisciplinary development team and represent the units mechanical systems, electronic systems and control systems. Together, they complete a project for a client, from preparation of the quotation to engineering, planning and virtual commissioning through acceptance by the client. They use VINCENT software to experience virtual engineering with a digital twin in the individual steps of the process and understand the interrelationships and capabilities of the new project workflow.


The collaborative business game for three players is intended for executives and development teams. Play lasts approximately four hours. Several games can be played at the same time. All you need is a projector and a table for each team. Price on request.