Putting Ideas into Operation Faster with Digital Engineering

Research and Development in Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering System for a Manufacturer of Large Machinery

We developed an efficient VE system for a manufacturer of large machine tools, which generates a physical model of a machine tool from CAD data and connects it with the control system. Thus, both the machine’s performance and the interaction between its head and a workpiece can be simulated in real time.

NC programmers develop their firmware on the virtual model. Future machine operators can be trained and machining programs including a representation of machining can be developed without the real machine at an early stage without risking destroying the expensive heads.

The VE system provides machinery manufacturers numerous benefits and applications:

Faster Machine Development

  • Parallel development processes
  • Control software testing and validation
  • Control system commissioning on virtual models
  • Dependable software through virtual operating and testing scenarios
  • CNC program testing

Training on Real Control Systems

  • Realistic operator training
  • Programmer training

Operational Virtual Models

  • Control system optimization
  • Control system modification for new machine configurations
  • Machinery diagnostics

Virtual Product Presentation

  • Customer presentations
  • Concept reviews
  • Design reviews
  • Function reviews