Workshop  /  03/14/2018, 10.45 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.

Fraunhofer IFF at ERF 2018: Workshop Topic Group Industrial Robotics

The Topic Group "Industrial Robots" (TG-IR), coordinated by Fraunhofer IFF's José Saenz and Federico Vicentini (CNR-ITIA), aims to foster the dialogue between industry, academia and applied research through focused input on the field of industrial robots to the euRobotics aisbl and the SPARC initiative. This input effectively defines and prioritizes the research and innovation topics most relevant to industrial robots.

The main tasks of the Topic Groups are to identify the current state of the art, and explain and prioritize what needs to happen (i.e. what technologies and abilities are needed) to reach future robotics goals. Of the four robotics lighthouse topics currently in the focus of the European Commission, the one on “Agile Manufacturing” is the most relevant for the TG-IR. To this end, the Topic Group Industrial Robotics is hosting an interactive workshop at the ERF 2018 in Tampere, Finland titled, "Topic Group Industrial Robotics – Challenges and Needs for Agile Production".

  • The main motivation of the workshop includes
    • Give Industry from variety of domains a chance to talk about their needs and the challenges they face as they move towards “agile production”
    • Facilitate Discussion within the Topic Group about what’s important (and what’s not) to focus on in the near future and to work towards defining TG position and priorities
    • Give TG members a chance to make a pitch for their favorite technologies

Agenda for ERF Workshop "Topic Group Industrial Robotics – Challenges and Needs" on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 from 10.45 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.

  1. Introduction of Workshop (5 minutes)
  2. Short presentations by selected speakers (total time: 40 minutes)
    1. "P&G – Safe HRC at P&G – Development of CoPal and lessons learned for future flexibility"
      Ulrich Wortman, Procter & Gamble
    2. "MCM – agile manufacturing, human-centered manufacturing and robotics from machine tooling perspective"
      Giuseppe Fogliazza (Head of software division) and/or Andrea Edini (robot integration)
    3. "AIRBUS – challenges and needs for future agile production"
      Fernando Esteban, Lionel Picouet Airbus Operations
  3. Elevator pitches
    1. Elevator pitch “Model-based task programming”
      Federico Vicentini, CNR-ITIA
    2. Elevator pitch agile safety
      Roland Behrens, Fraunhofer IFF
    3. Elevator pitch user experience
      Iina Aaltonen, VTT
    4. Elevator pitch vision perception
      Maximo Roa, Roboception GmbH / DLR
    5. Elevator pitch on augmented performances in aircraft assembly
      Nicola Pedrocchi, CNR-ITIA
  4. World Cafe Group Work with all workshop participants focusing on three questions (total time 15 minutes):
    1. Identify missing challenges / technological solutions not identified in Elevator pitches
    2. Presentation of the outcome by each group moderator
  5. Conclusion and vote
    1. Ballots will be provided to attendees.
    2. Each attendee can pick up to 4 top challenges / technological solutions that the TG should focus on. Results will be counted after the meeting and made available to the TG.

Attendees can prepare by considering the topics to be discussed above, by looking into the challenges surrounding “Agile Production” and by reading the current version of the Topic Group Industrial Robotics Description Document.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop and hearing your input!