Conference  /  June 04, 2019  -  June 05, 2019

Smart SysTech

Over the last years, the European Conference on Smart Objects, Systems and Technologies (former European Workshop on Smart Objects) has become a central platform in Europe for personal networking and information exchange in the field of RFID technologies and applications.

Conference SCOPE

While the networking of objects for the purpose of data collection and distributed control is no longer a recent phenomenon, the sheer number of things that are networked to information systems has dramatically risen. Today, the Internet is increasingly extended to all kinds of physical assets: product components, finished products, logistic units, equipment, documents, vehicles, buildings and electronic meters as well as embedded systems of all kind. Mature industries, like the energy or automotive are in euphoric mood and accordingly, we see enormous research and technological development activity: For instance, Auto-ID technologies such as RFID are being increasingly combined with data storage capacity and sensors or other communication devices that provide real-time data such as position, temperature, pressure, vibrations etc. These special-purpose computer systems are able to sense information from the real world or perform actions upon it and are also able to communicate with other networked computer systems.

Fraunhofer IFF Contribution

»Mobile Sensor System for Logistics Aspects« (keynote)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter, Material Handling Engineering and Systems, Fraunhofer IFF

»Online Data Acquisition and Analysis Using Multi Sensor Network System for Smart Manufacturing« (presentation)
H. Ohannessian, Measurement and Testing Technology, Fraunhofer IFF

»Automated Dynamic Storage Allocation in the Industrial Laundry Sector using RFID« (presentation)
M. Matke, Logistics and Factory Systems, Fraunhofer IFF

»Engineering Model Linking and Ontology Linking for Production« (presentation)
Dr. S. Adler, Virtual Engineering, Fraunhofer IFF

»Planning Method for IoT Applications in Logistics« (presentation)
O. Poenicke, Material Handling Engineering and Systems, Fraunhofer IFF