Conference and Exhibition  /  October 23, 2019  -  October 25, 2019

International Supply Chain Conference

Foundry 4.0: Innovative Technology Plan for Smart and Sustainable Process Design

The metalworking industry and foundries in particular consume extreme amounts of energy and thus produce large amounts of CO2 as well. In the future, light metal foundries will be able to cut their energy costs related to production by as much as sixty percent and CO2 emissions by as much as eighty percent.

A new technology developed at the Fraunhofer together with other partners will make this possible.

The innovative concept for distributed melt supply in non-ferrous foundries makes it possible to reorganize material streams completely. This reduces primary energy use and pollutant emissions significantly while enhancing casting quality and manufacturing flexibility substantially. This is made possible by novel heat docks, local heating stations, and mobile crucibles, which are digitally interconnected, and by innovative burner technology, which recovers waste heat.