Smart Work Systems

Resource-Efficient Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Convergent Infrastructures

Digital Engineering and Industrie 4.0

Reliable Systems for Efficient and Sustainable Production

Technology partners for manufacturers, our researchers research and develop technologies, systems and products from the idea to the start of production – and implement them in practice collaboratively.

Priority is given to new digital engineering methods and technologies and their extensive use in the development, production and operation of products and manufacturing systems. This is the basis for the institute’s development of innovative solutions in its fields of research –  smart work systems, resource-efficient manufacturing and supply chains, and convergent infrastructures In the process, the researchers rely on their expertise in robotic, measurement and testing, process engineering in manufacturing and logistics, and technology-based assistance and training.

Our Fields of Research:

  • Smart Work Systems

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    The Fraunhofer IFF drives innovation in the design of future production systems and work systems. The goal is to maintain or enhance companies’ performance and product quality over time while boosting manufacturing systems’ flexibility. To do this, the Fraunhofer IFF develops new technologies for safe human-robot collaboration, thus combining humans’ cognitive flexibility and alertness with automated systems high productivity. It designs integrated solutions that use digital assistance systems and state-of-the art testing and inspection technologies for quality assurance in manufacturing. And it is establishing methods of virtual learning to train staff flexibly and effectively.

  • Resource-Efficient Manufacturing and Supply Chains

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    The Fraunhofer IFF designs efficient manufacturing and supply chain systems that boost the sustainability of manufacturing and cut risks in the supply chain. Among other things, this means planning and operating factories to be more energy efficient, reducing transportation, and implementing smart energy cascades in manufacturing. Our researchers design new equipment and systems for closed energy and material cycles that sustainably use and recycle valuable resources and waste. As a systems provider, the Fraunhofer IFF leverages potentials for efficiency both in individual companies and in manufacturing and supply chain networks among companies.

  • Convergent Infrastructures

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    Germany has begun switching to renewable energy sources for a future viable energy supply. This entails developing new storage technologies and as well as energy supply networks. The Fraunhofer IFF pools its expertise in production, logistics, energy, and information and communications technologies to develop new, complex supply and disposal infrastructure’s in and among companies as well as their surroundings. Our researchers develop smart energy management systems and design integrated production and logistics networks that make it possible to utilize volatile energies reliably.

  • Digital Engineering and Industrie 4.0

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    Industrial development and manufacturing would hardly be able to remain competitive without digital technologies. Digital engineering makes it possible to use a product’s digital design data in every stage of its design and manufacture. This makes products better and more reliable, expedites operations, conserves resources, and cuts costs sustainably.

    Digital engineering is strategically important to Germany, a center of development and manufacturing. This makes it essential to develop solutions that provide new forms and types of organizational, semantic and technical interoperability for interdisciplinary collaboration. Such research and development is for specific applications and thus constitutes a decisive competitive and knowledge edge for the particular company.