Fraunhofer IFF in the ASEAN Region

ASEAN Regional Office in Bangkok, Thailand

Objectives and Priority Topics

The primary objectives of the Fraunhofer IFF's regional office in Bangkok are to develop existing partnerships and to establish new strategic, interdisciplinary collaborative relationships (with industry and academic, research and government organization) in the ASEAN region. The focus is on collaborative research and development and industrial implementation projects.

In the long-range, the regional office will serve the Fraunhofer IFF (and other select institutes in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) as a node for regional technology and know-how transfer in the ASEAN region. A network of sixty Fraunhofer Institutes with some 18,000 employees can be drawn on for complex interdisciplinary project activities.

The office additionally also provides innovative German companies support when entering the market in the ASEAN region.

  • Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

    • Fluidized bed combustion
    • Fluidized bed gasification
    • Gas treatment systems
    • Energy efficient building materials
  • Logistics and Infrastructure Development

    • RFID asset management
    • Smart logistics networks
  • Measurement and Testing Technologies

    • Optical 2D and 3D metrology (e.g. train wheelset geometry scanning)
  • Virtual Reality

    • Virtual product development (digital engineering)
    • Virtual process planning (infrastructure planning, urban planning)
    • Virtual interactive training (qualification)
  • Smart Farming

    • Intelligent agriculture through non-invasive monitoring of vegetation growth