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App Reveals Constituents

A new app from Fraunhofer development engineers looks directly inside objects and displays specific constituents. It has numerous uses: For instance, apples can be scanned for pesticide residues. Applications will be added successively following the Wikipedia principle.

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Planning Building Projects Faster and More Efficiently

Building Information Modeling, an innovative modeling method, displays blueprints clearly in three dimensions and provides additional information such as technical specifications and requirements, building costs and timeframes. Its main advantage is that all the various data sources are digital, so information can be merged coherently into joint models. Researchers will be presenting their projects on BIM at the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance’s special show, “Fraunhofer CityLaboratory – Creating Living Spaces,” at the BAU trade fair in Munich from January 16 to 21, 2017 (Hall C2, Booth 538).

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Plan Digitization Precisely with the Industry 4.0 CheckUp

The importance of digitization in supply chains is growing by leaps and bounds. Many companies are converting their operations or planning to do so. What are the right actions to take? Not every plan to use Industry 4.0 technologies is expedient and cost effective. The Fraunhofer IFF has developed an Industry 4.0 CheckUp, which enables companies in any industry to analyze their digitization capability systematically and plan effective actions individually. The research institute will be presenting this new analysis system at the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin.

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Fraunhofer IFF Will Be Presenting Mobile Assistive Robots and Versatile Inspection Systems

New automated solutions and mobile assistive robots will revolutionize manufacturing as well as the service and medical sectors. Among other things, the Fraunhofer IFF will be presenting state-of-the-art technologies for safe human-robot collaboration, versatile mobile assistive robots and optical inspection systems at the Automatica trade fair in Munich from June 21 to 24, 2016. Some of the mobile assistance systems they will be presenting are bound to be in use in manufacturing soon.

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