Secure and Reliable Operations through Digital Logistics

Research and Development in Material Handling Engineering and Systems

Secure Logistics through Information Patterns on Freight

Surface Shipping Secured by Information Patterns on Freight (Trans4Goods)

The supply of goods and commodities as well as their secure transport is a cornerstone of our society and economy. As an exporting nation, Germany is heavily integrated in international supply chains. Threats of attacks, major accidents, natural disasters and criminal activity necessitate the development of strategies, operations and technologies that secure public supply and international trade. The project Trans4Goods, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s call “Securing the supply chains” in the Federal government’s program “Research for Civil Security”, is responding to this need.

The objective of the project Trans4Goods is to use encrypted product and delivery information centrally and on goods themselves to ascertain the current security and logistics situation anywhere in a supply chain in near-real time so that, building upon this with the aid of adaptive analysis models, decision support can be provided for different actors’ levels of operation.