Reliable Technology for the Efficient, Sustainable and Resilient Manufacturing of Tomorrow

Dear Business Partners, Friends and Supporters,

The current situation requires extraordinary actions from us. We would like to inform you about them with an eye toward our work together.

Our employees’ health and public safety is our top priority. We are therefore rigorously implementing federal and state rules and regulations and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s own directives. We are acting responsibly.

These restrictions are not keeping us from working. Our employees are continuing to work on projects from home and can be reached by email. We are also teleconferencing and videoconferencing to communicate efficiently and constructively.

Should you be unable to reach your personal contact at any point, use the contact form on our website and we will forward your inquiry internally for a prompt response.

Should our capability to work and our availability change in any way, we will inform you.

Stay healthy. All the best to you, your families and your employees.

Julia C. Arlinghaus


As a technology and research partner, we assist businesses that want to make Industrie 4.0 reality and play a role in this turning point toward digitalization and automation. We have made it our mission to contribute to sustainable development with our research, in the sense of ecologically intact, economically successful and socially equitable development.

Prof. Julia C. Arlinghaus, Director


Press Releases


Fraunhofer is Developing a Mobile Medical Care System

Mobile, distributed systems that provide medical care to the public can be a crucial addition to the existing healthcare infrastructure in crises and emergencies such as the current Corona pandemic. Six of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s institutes have joined forces under the lead management of the Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg and are developing an integrated system for mobile, distributed medical care in the Demo-medVer project. What makes it special is that all of the complete system’s components are modularized, are closely interconnected, and complement each other. A functional prototype is intended to be built by the end of next year.
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Detecting Disruptions in Manufacturing Operations Early

Automated assembly operations are a key to success. They enable stable manufacturing, high precision manufacturing and greater responsiveness to market demands. The Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF’s innovative digital instrumentation and information networks are increasing the transparency of aircraft manufacturer Airbus’s manufacturing operations and optimizing collaboration between humans and machines.
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More IT Security in Port Terminals

Ports are critical infrastructures since disruptions and stoppages can have immense not only economic impacts. The potential security risks are multifarious, especially in digitalized container terminal operations, which are steadily gaining importance through Industrie 4.0. A new method and tool set developed by research scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF and its industry partners enables preventive defense against attacks on automated cyber-physical systems and helps increase security along the entire supply chain, including the IT systems landscape. At the same time, automation projects can be planned and implemented efficiently.
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Sensors for Early Disease Symptom Detection in European Fruit Growing

The apple is the Germans’ favorite fruit. Pears rank sixth in annual per capita consumption. Yet apple and pear trees both frequently suffer from diseases: Apple proliferation and pear decline are widespread in European fruit growing. Fraunhofer research scientists, together with partners, are seeking ways to detect disease symptoms early. They are using satellite images and hyperspectral analysis to detect disease infestation from the air in order to replace time-consuming field assessments and laboratory analyses in the future. Machine learning methods are a key technology for the analysis of disease symptoms.
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Reliable Technology for the Efficient, Sustainable and Resilient Manufacturing of Tomorrow

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