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Hanover, Germany / 11.–15.6.2018

Spectroscopy in the Hands of the Consumer – Fraunhofer IFF at Cebit


Europe’s Largest 3D Mixed Reality Laboratory Reopens in Magdeburg’s Port of Science

Europe’s largest 3D mixed reality laboratory “The Elbedome” in Magdeburg’s Port of Science was officially reopened in the presence of over one hundred guests from business, academia, research and government today, May 24, 2018, after extensive upgrading.
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Augmented Reality: Digital Assistance for Maintenance in the Plant Construction Industry

The aspirations for and the reality of digital transformation in manufacturing often still diverge widely. At this year’s Hannover Messe, the Fraunhofer IFF will be demonstrating how digital twins can already be used in real manufacturing worlds, for instance, very practically as augmented reality assistance systems for maintenance in the plant construction industry.
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Digitization in Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Pressure to optimize is intense on the floors of motor vehicle manufacturers’ factories: Variance is steadily increasing. Costs have to be contained. Fraunhofer researchers are now using RFID technology to introduce more transparency in motor vehicle manufacturers’ supply chains and manufacturing operations. This reduces time and labor, thus boosting cost effectiveness.
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Magdeburg, Germany / 19.–21.6.2018

IFF Science Days

  • – Plant Design and Operation of the Future
  • – Magdeburg Logistics Days
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The economy has been in a state of flux for years. Digital transformation, Industrie 4.0, the Internet of Things, automation and assistive robotic systems – all these are elements of a development that is changing companies and the way they manufacture. Not only major corporations are transitioning to digitized manufacturing. Small and medium sized companies and even microenterprises will not be able to get around this – nor can they afford to.

For exactly twenty-five years now, the Fraunhofer IFF has been working on technical systems and visions, which help companies overcome these and other problems and challenges and to better maximize their commercial potential.