Understanding Logistics and Factory Systems

Systemic Understanding for Actionability and Robust Processes

The combination of available technologies and designs is producing a virtually unmanageable variety of applications in manufacturing and logistics.

This demands that industrial companies in particular are conversant with every application and select the right tools to arrive at an individual digitalization strategy. It is essential to understand the causal relationships underlying one’s own production system. The use of cyber-physical systems is making such relationships increasingly even more complex, though, and the huge amounts of data virtually unmanageable. Digital information flows additionally require new approaches that respond to the steadily growing complexity and opacity throughout the value chain.

Only whoever profoundly understands their own system and knows the actual as-is state profits from innovations and can shape the future actively.

We help businesses as a digitalization partner. We provide a systematic overview of digital-age technological capabilities and ask the right questions. We create clarity and structure, concentrating the focus on the priorities relevant to individuals, and conjointly identify weaknesses and bottlenecks. In the process, we help businesses master digital transformation. We conjointly find tenable responses and efficient approaches to logistics in your manufacturing operation.

Heightened understanding enables our industry partners to scrutinize and refine business models.

Your Questions

  • What are the risks and opportunities of digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution for my company?
  • What new technologies and ideas will change my industry in the coming years?
  • How can I digitalize my existing infrastructures and capital equipment and what will that mean for me?
  • Where should I be standardizing and reducing complexity?
  • What issues are currently trending in industry and research?
  • Is my business model future-proof?

Our Answers

  • Scrutinize your own business model with established methods, estimate risks of disruptive digital innovation correctly, and identify capabilities.
  • Arrive at creative methods of resolution and optimization based on practical and action-driven management games
  • Perform integrative analyses, ascertain capability maturity, and compile lists of actions with cost-benefit analysis for concrete implementation.
  • Meet growing demand for resources and rising electricity prices with the lever of resource efficiency.
  • Collect and analyze operating and machine data effectively with smart sensors.
  • Identify waste by analyzing value streams and reveal improvement capabilities.

Understanding Logistics and Factory Systems

Hone Digital Skills with the Right Tools.



Transparent Factory

»Data is the new oil«

In manufacturing and logistics too. What data are used to what end, though? And what opportunities do big data und AI in manufacturing hold?


Digital Business Models

»Disruption changes everything«

Is my industry endangered? How can I react? Or, even better, act?



Lean Principles

»Lean manufacturing as the basis for Industrie 4.0«

A standardized lean manufacturing landscape is the essential foundation of a digital factory.

Methods and Tools


Industrie 4.0 CheckUp

»From buzzword to reality on the factory floor«

What does Industrie 4.0 really mean and how well is my business prepared for it?


Living Testing Facility

»Hands-on digital business models«

Our lab tells local SMEs’ success stories.


Acoustic Sensor Array

»Big-time surveillance!«

We use noise localization analyses to ascertain the operating conditions of equipment and systems.


Portable Multi-Sensor Platform

»The factory floor needs more sensor systems«

But which ones? And why?


Objective-Setting Workshops with Experts

»Drawing on outside impulses to develop strategies«

Sharing experience and knowledge.


Management Game Seminars

»Are games just for kids?”«

Certainly not! Try out creative solutions to meet real challenges.


Value Stream Mapping

»Scrutinizing critical resources«

From information waste to energy intensity.



Industrie 4.0 CheckUp

»From maturity assessment to action road map«

Our success stories and partners at home and abroad.



Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Magdeburg

»Growing connectedly«

Free. Applied. Customized.