Computer Aided Safety

With Computer Aided Safety, the Fraunhofer IFF is defining a new generation of tools and methods specifically tailored to the planning of MRC applications. They can be seamlessly integrated into third-party expert programs and made available for the planning process. In the form of a program extension, they add useful functions there that incorporate special features and characteristics of normative safety requirements directly into the traditional flow of a planning project. Through visual and interactive elements, they show the planner where the limits of his application lie according to the selected collaborative mode of operation and its safety requirements. Future wizards guide him through complex issues to the optimal and safe design from the plant layout to the robot program.

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A cloud service forms the functional level of Computer-Aided-Safety. It can be operated either in the protected company network or on the Internet. Its task is to communicate the functions, some of which are very computationally intensive, to the preferred planning program. In addition to various algorithms, databases are also part of the basic framework of the service. Currently, it is divided into the modules speed and distance monitoring and power and force limitation. For both types of operation, they provide specific functions that greatly facilitate their integration into an economical and safe MRK application. They reduce complexity and open up new scope for new system concepts for the planner.