NET ZERO ENERGY: The New Energy Efficiency

The evolution to Industry 4.0 has made energy an even more complex issue. Industrial companies are not only being confronted with effi ciency standards and changing legal constraints coupled with renewable energiy variability but also have to keep an eye on ongoing digitalization, their infrastructures’ resilience and steadily rising energy prices.

Becoming technically future-proofed, being prepared for unforeseeable events and thus ensuring continued production in the long-term are contingent on an integrated and structured energy assessment. Our experts at the Fraunhofer IFF use their long-standing scientifi c expertise to analyze these conditions at manufacturing facilities.

Building upon this, we use innovative tools to develop and implement the right solution technology-agnostically, always with an eye toward cost effectiveness and sustainability. We compile a detailed list of actions based on the individual objectives, covering the entire range from energy production and supply, including commercialization and reuse, to infrastructure integration and even new business models.


Energy- and resource-efficiency

  • Use natural resources and energy carriers economically and effi ciently.


  • Carbon neutral facilities and services boost your competitive edge.

Service reliability and demand responsiveness

  • Increasing your level of self-suffi ciency increases your independence.

Right for every starting situation

  • We factor in your existing situation and start exactly there

Custom solution

  • Our net-zero energy-solution customized for your requirements


  • We are technology, commercial partner and product agnostic

Requirements analysis and capability analysis

  • Analysis of the basic energy and infrastructure conditions
    including operating, safety and facility requirements
  • Definition of strategic objectives and the time horizon
  • Examination of the legal requirements
  • Data acquisition and as-is survey

Technology Screening

  • Compilation of individual and market agnostic technology summaries
  • Review and recommendations for amending operating and safety requirements and regulations

Implementation plan

  • Development of a system design including technologies and actions
  • Assessment of the complete system’s economic efficiency, scalability, and economic and environmental impacts
  • Assistance with the development of business models
  • Implementation of the custom net-zero energy facility design