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Logistics and Factory Systems

Our Services for Industry and Society

The Fraunhofer IFF’s Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit has been developing and implementing new ideas and technologies for advanced manufacturing and supply chain systems in projects contracted by industry and funded by the public sector for twenty-five years. Our dedicated team stands for the latest research findings and extensive project experience.

We are an applied research partner committed to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development. Our balanced interplay of excellent research and applied development enables us to create value added for our clients.

Our clients include large as well as small and medium-sized businesses, service providers, and national, state and municipal bodies.


Seminar and Training Programs

Workshops are the starting point for good projects and facilitate the sharing of experience and knowledge from business and research. Current issues could hardly be more interesting! 


Factory Design and Operation

Designing structures and processes is both our business in projects and our passion. We design factory and supply chain systems and will help you transition to Industrie 4.0!


Logistics for Traffic and Transportation

Identification, tracking and communications technologies are the basis of interactive cyber-physical systems and digital processes!

Flagship Projects and Reference Industries


Industrie 4.0 CheckUp

“Industry’s paradigm change...

  • unaffordable right now.”
  • unfeasible at our capacities.”

Are you so sure about that?


Digital Construction Site

Building information modeling (BIM) is bringing the actors in different phases of construction and subcontractors closer together, thus reducing errors in scheduling and coordination substantially... from factory models up through construction site logistics.


“Statelogger” für Predictive Maintenance


“ELISA” Inspection App

The Internet of Things supporting periodic inspections:


  • A paperless and inalterable app instead of unmanageable mountains of files

The Resource Wood

Renewable, sustainable and versatile – yet many fascinating issues in the supply chain caused by climatic, biological and social changes and technical development still need to be addressed.


Digital Infrastructures

Interactive cyber-physical systems define smart logistics zones. The demand for the “eight right logistical factors” is more relevant than ever but unfeasible without digital infrastructures.


Innovative World of Work

Assistance that deserves the name:

  • facilitates interaction among humans, technology and organization without without
  • necessarily burdening workers with more technology and information.

Industrial Laundry Logistics

Sorting whites based on products’ features is no easy task and thus quite a challenge.


ER-WIN® Management Game

Learn about actions that boost energy efficiency and cost efficiency:


  • hands on and visually instead of
  • dryly and frontally from a traditional consultant



Laboratories and Equipment

The Fraunhofer IFF’s research scientist have the best basic conditions at their facilities in Magdeburg to expedite projects with industry clients efficiently and to develop and test technologies for the systems theoretical issues of the world of work of tomorrow based on research.

Practiced Human-Technology Collaboration in Research

In response to progressive digital transformation, research is now dominated by digital models in high performance software environments.

The range of possible analyses is as diverse as the requirements on resource efficient supply chain and factory systems themselves. Unsurprisingly, the institute’s Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit employs a wide range of laboratories, technologies and testing equipment for analyses and testing:

  • Saxony-Anhalt Galileo Test Bed
  • Telematics laboratory
  • Factory design equipment, e.g. design tables, CAx software
  • Simulation and statistics software
  • Energy meters and electronics

Flexible with Stationary and Mobile Equipment

Creating custom solutions that meet your demands is challenging work for our researchers. Our advanced laboratory infrastructure in tandem with our own quality standards delivers two compelling advantages:

  1. We use stationary equipment in our testing facility to select and configure technology components in complete systems and to test the function of system solutions, even in challenging environments.
  2. We use our mobile equipment at clients’ facilities to evaluate systems’ practicability, while incorporating real operating conditions. Modular in structure, flexibly scheduled and always accurate!  

This is a hard test but our mission and most compelling argument for ensuring the transfer of research solutions from tidy laboratories to demanding day-to-day manufacturing operations.

© Fraunhofer IFF
Portable meters measure criteria relevant to energy in the manufacturing process. We primarily use wattmeters, pressure sensors and infrared cameras, but can also use a weather station of our own when we like to ascertain the situation.
© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler
Industrie 4.0 on the factory floor: Indoor tracking, communication und identification systems are developed and pilot and demonstration systems for clients are tested in preparation for commissioning at the Galileo Test Bed’s development laboratory where cyber-physical systems are brought to life!
© Fraunhofer IFF
Advanced factory and supply chain systems are complex in their design and dynamic in their flows. Reason enough to refine them interactively on a design table. The advanced hardware and software at the Fraunhofer IFF make this easy!