Logistics and Factory Systems

Our Services for Business and Society

We develop and implement groundbreaking designs and technologies for advanced manufacturing and logistics systems in industry and publicly funded projects. The Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit’s team stands for cutting-edge research and over twenty-five years of project experience.

As an applied research partner, we add our ecological, economic and social premises to sustainable development. Employing our balanced mix of excellent research and applied development, we create quantifiable value added for major companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses in the industry and service sectors. We are also the research partner of numerous federal, state and municipal organizations.

Your Benefits

  • Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and economists ensures problems are analyzed in their entirety.
  • Our cross-industry experience enables us to compare designs and processes and thus generate new ideas.
  • Our high objectivity and scientific standards when solving problems lead to dependable results.
  • We interoperate and network excellently with research and industry partners – for applied solutions.

Logistics and Factory Systems …



Anyone who wants wants to shape their future actively has to understand their own corporate structures and operations thoroughly. We analyze businesses’ operations in-depth and are conversant with and leverage digitalization’s capabilities.




Structure and process planning is both our project business and our passion. We design logistics and factory systems and help you transition to resource-efficient Industrie 4.0.



Identification, tracking and communications technologies are the basis for controlling interactive cyber-physical systems efficiently. We will help you navigate complex structures effectively.

Successful Together

As a partner in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s »Mittelstand Digital« initiative, we would be delighted to help you with digitalize, network and introduce Industrie 4.0 applications. Capitalize on the capabilities of digital transformation together with us. Follow us on www.vernetzt-wachsen.de and www.kompetenzzentrum-planen-und-bauen.digital or contact us directly.