Designing Logistics and Factory Systems

Competitiveness through Value Added in Manufacturing

In-depth understanding of a production system’s structures and processes makes it possible to organize and control digital transformation in a business actively.

Businesses that are competitive in the long-term are increasingly having to operate within their structures and capacities’ maximum performance range. So that this keeps functioning, the Fraunhofer IFF’s Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit provides its clients solutions and services that maximize technical, logistical and organizational capabilities.

Our balanced mix of excellent research and applied development enables us to create applied solutions for our clients. Equipped with highly advanced tools and methods, we design complex logistics and factory systems and systematize digital specifications in factory design. This enables us to create genuine business value together with our clients, from design with BIM to simulation with plant life cycle management through factory operation with digital factory twins.

Structure and process design is both our project business and our passion.

Your Questions

  • What will the resource-efficient, connected factory of the future look like?
  • How can I optimally design a new factory building or an addition?
  • What are the current methods being employed to design new factories or remodel existing ones?
  • Was does Building Information Modeling actually mean and what capabilities doe this method hold for my business?
  • What connective and communication-enabled tools assist me with practicable solutions?

Our Answers

The answers to these or similar questions are based on a mix of properly employed

  • methods,
  • tools, and
  • dedicated problem-solving teams.

Our clients are not just major companies but also small and medium-sized businesses, service providers and federal, state and municipal organizations. In the process, we pursue a methodical approach, employing digitally integrated technologies and applied tools, including

  • a digital design table,
  • digital interior specifications, and
  • Building Information Modeling

as well as the Elbedome 360° mixed reality laboratory to visualize machinery, plants and entire factories. This enables us to model and simulate production processes and scheduling and make systems virtually accessible, available and interactive for you. We will help you transition to a digital factory.

Designing Logistics and Factory Systems

With Multi-Methodological Action to Intelligent Solutions.



New Design & Redesign

»Plan digitally, build efficiently«

New approaches with BIM in combination with over twenty years of experience in factory planning enable us to minimize design errors and cut construction costs.


Staff Scheduling

»Flexibility as a success factor«

Demographic change necessitates a Work 4.0 strategy not only in the office but also on the on the factory floor.


Resource Efficiency

»The premises are shifting«

Unilateral resource pricing in fragile supply chains will make resource efficiency an important cost factor in the future. What do the right strategies look like?

Methods and Tools


Digital Room Book

»Smart building design«

Requirements lists are complex and error-prone. Our digital interior specifications put things right by enabling high automation and completely documenting construction.


Design Table

»Design intelligently with state-of-the-art tools«

Your factory in a 3D multi-touch environment.


Building Information Modeling

»Design transparently. Build with little risk. Operate efficiently.«

Arriving at the right BIM strategy with us.



»VR glasses are so last year!«

Europe’s biggest mixed reality lab with a 360° projection system is 16 meters in diameter and 4 meters high and has 25 stereo projectors.



New Design & Redesign

»Facility and infrastructure layout studies«

Our experience and references.


Resource Efficiency

»Control energy costs and emissions«

Winner of the Think Tank Award, our work on energy-efficient manufacturing keeps you from getting worked up.


Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Planen und Bauen

We will help you digitalize in the construction industry. Take the leap into BIM together with us!