Numbers, Data and Facts

The Fraunhofer IFF in Figures

2019 Budget and Revenue

Total budget: € 20.7 million
Budgeted capital expenditures: € 0.5 million

Business revenue: € 5.6 million
Public sector funding: € 10 million
Institutional funding: € 5.1 million

Employees in 2019

Total number of full-time employees on December 31: 191
Our research scientists mostly come from the fields of engineering, computer science, economics and business, human sciences, natural sciences and mathematics and collaborate in interdisciplinary research teams and administrative services.

Additional employees: 114 student assistants, 19 interns

Publications in 2019

Publications: 179, 5 of which were monographs or edited books, 58 papers in conference proceedings, 68 presentations, 33 journal articles, and 15 reports, dissertations, theses and Internet documents.

Patents in 2019

Patents granted: 1

Patents filed: 3

Education and Training in 2019

Master’s and Diplom theses advised: 66

Dissertations advised: 2

Number of university and college instructors: 21