Numbers, Data and Facts

The Fraunhofer IFF in Figures

Budget and Revenue

Fraunhofer IFF’s total budgetary expenditures in the year 2022 were € 19.9 million. Its total outside revenue was € 13.2 million. Business revenue accounted for € 4.5 million of this. € 8.7 million came from the public sector and other funding. € 5.9 million was institutional funding. € 9.4 million came from the public sector, EU and other funding. € 6.7 million was institutional funding. Budgeted capital expenditures in the year 2022 totaled € 0.35 million.

Human Resource Development

Fraunhofer IFF employed 185 full-time employees as of December 31, 2022. The majority of our research scientists have a degree in an engineering discipline. Others with degrees in human sciences, economics, mathematics, physics and business also work at the institute. They all collaborate in interdisciplinary research teams and administrative services.

Education and Training

Seventy-six student assistants and ten interns (two of them in vocational school or retraining) additionally supported our research work. We are also pleased to have supervised two professional apprentices. Thirty-four of Fraunhofer IFF’s employees worked as faculty and adjunct faculty at universities and universities of applied science. Altogether, we advised sixty-one master’s and three successfully completed dissertations. Furthermore, the institute’s research scientists published fifty-eight scientific articles in 2022.