Department Energy Systems and Infrastructures: Digital Systems for Industrial Processes and Facilities

Digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution are confronting process manufacturers with the challenge of expediently managing and utilizing data produced in complex manufacturing processes to add value. Creating a digital twin is often expedient for this. Our assistance systems and analysis tools deliver building blocks for the digital twin of your processing equipment. Our strategies for modularizing processing equipment complete the digital penetration of your processing equipment.

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Your Benefits

  • Assistance modularizing processing equipment
  • Research expertise in power and process engineering from numerous projects
  • Assistance with your digital transformation projects

Our Services

  • Development of digital analysis tools and assistance systems
  • Development of data analyses (black box/white box/gray box),
  • Development and implementation of process and equipment control systems
  • Software adaptation
  • Mixed reality assistance systems for operation, and
  • Cloud-and IoT-based platforms for the operation of industrial infrastructures.

Current Foci

The ShaPID Project: Sustainable and Green Technologies for the Chemical Industry

In the ShaPID project, nine Fraunhofer Institutes are developing applied methods and technologies for sustainable green chemistry based on the internationally accepted 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.

Digital Systems for Industrial Processes and Facilities


We Are Looking for Partners for Our Future Research Topics

  • digital life cycle records
  • interactive digital system documentation
  • process models
  • soft sensors

Solutions from Completed Projects


Plant Components as a Service


CPPS-Based Assistance Systems for Process Manufacturing

Digital Steel Builder

Digital Manufacturing Facility Twin for Optimized Operation


Process Manufacturing 4.0: Vertical Integration Chemical Manufacturing Responsiveness

Inspektion 4.0

Collaboration in the Life Cycle of Equipment in Refineries, Chemical Plants and Power Plants


New Data Services for Industrial Filter Maintenance

Smart Services

Smart Assets in Smart Industrial Parks