Energy Systems Integration in Energy Systems Management

Fraunhofer IFF is developing software tools with SIEMENS AG that optimize electricity infrastructures’ interaction with other infrastructure sectors. In the future, these tools will enable infrastructure operators, such as public utilities, to continue operating their systems stably even if the growth of electric transportation and distributed injection plants increases demand. This will make it possible to postpone or even avert potentially necessary grid upgrades sometimes.

Integration between charging infrastructure and electricity grid operation is the focus in the first phase. Depending on the situation, this will enable reducing loads from charging, thus permitting a maximum charge rate by means of smart control without any risk of overloading the existing infrastructure. The focus of development is on modules for smooth integration in control systems, the optimal method of ascertaining acceptable loads and the provision of interfaces required to ensure a smooth exchange of information between the components involved. The goal is extensive automation as a function of the processes, system managers having the final say.

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Building upon the components and designs developed beforehand, tools will be created in the second phase, which facilitate simplified operation and situational awareness. Suitable visual interfaces for this will be created using a dashboard approach and made available to users by a mobile app and the Web. These tools will help both system managers in control systems and service teams in the field.

In the next phase, other sectors will be integrated based on the outcome of the integration of electric transportation. Integration will primarily be expanded to include the electricity, heating and water sectors. Suitable mechanisms for general optimization, interfaces and dashboards for user-friendly operation will be developed and tested here too.

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2020 bis 2022

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