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  • Interactive design tool from Fraunhofer for innovative energy infrastructures / 2021

    Supplying Rural Areas with Electricity Sustainably

    Press Release / June 01, 2021

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    Germany is supposed to become climate-neutral by 2045. The federal government’s new climate protection law stipulates this. Greenhouse gas emissions are supposed to drop at 65 percent below their 1990 values by the year 2030. Many innovative ideas and solutions are needed to implement this ambitious plan. Together with their partners, research scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF are making a contribution in the RIGRID project: Its objective is to supply rural areas with power sustainably, cost-effectively and reliably.

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  • Research project with Fraunhofer IFF / 2021

    Making the Cloud Greener: T-Systems Develops Project for Greater Sustainability at Biere Data Center

    Press Release / April 19, 2021

    The cloud is to become greener. To this end, T-Systems has launched a research project at the Biere data center in Saxony-Anhalt. Together with the Fraunhofer IFF, T-Systems experts are developing measures for more sustainability in the operation of data centers. The long-term goal: a data center that is self-sufficient thanks to an intelligent interplay of renewable generation, storage and flexible consumers. On the one hand, this reduces the load on the power grid. On the other hand, increased self-sufficiency strengthens the resilience of the data center.

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