Energy Systems and Infrastructures

Energy and raw material prices are rising as fossil energy sources are depleted. Making renewable energy resources utilizable has thus become a crucial issue of our day. This is accompanied by demands to utilize energy efficiently to cut costs in companies despite rising energy prices.

The Energy Systems and Infrastructures Research Field develops innovative technologies that efficiently convert and sustainably supply energy. We do this by creating optimally closed energy cycles in production processes or by utilizing renewable energy resources in efficient conversion systems.

The increasing use of renewable energies is imposing additional demands on energy supply systems’ electrical and information technologies. We develop solutions for large-scale monitoring, control and protection of the smart grids of the future incorporating the generator, load and storage structures.

Our Services


Digital Tools for Integrated Infrastructures

We develop intelligent solutions together with our industry partners, which make energy systems and equipment viable for the future.


Digital Systems for Industrial Processes and Facilities

We will help you digitalize and optimize your technical processes and systems.


Energy and Resource-Efficient Systems

We design and optimize the demand-driven power-to-X systems you need, from the idea to operation. Our method of assessing efficiency based on limits helps you select and optimize your processes. We maximize resource efficiency and recovery for your business to integrate processes systemically.