The Elbedome: Large 360° Projection System

Elbedome Office

Developing Virtual Environments and Tools for Virtual Reality Applications

We engineer, test and operate technical systems with state-of-the-art VR technologies. Complex machines, plant, factories and even production and supply chain systems can be visualized interactively in 3D at the Elbedome, our mixed reality laboratory with a 360-degree-laser projection wall.

We develop VR tools and system solutions customized specifically for your company’s needs to optimize your operations. Such tools can be used, for instance, to complete assembly processes in custom machine manufacturing, CE-compliant safety assessments or materials supply plans more efficiently.

  • Our VR technologies feature
    • digital maps of every process in the entire product life cycle and
    • custom software solutions for every stage of the product and manufacturing equipment life cycle.
  • Our VR tools are
    • designed modularly
    • for specific applications,
    • upgradeable at any time,
    • ubiquitous
    • sustainable and connectable,
    • intuitively operated, and
    • feature integrated standard interfaces.

We develop single-source system solutions, from virtual engineering and design to simulation and modeling up through technology-based training.

Large-Scale Virtual Reality

© Fraunhofer IFF, Viktoria Kühne

This type of virtual demonstration is ideal for designing plant and factory layouts or for city and architectural planning, too. It simplifies the planning of every operation in and on large-scale objects. Training for jumbo jet pilots and mechanics is one application that has been tested successfully.

Design Reviews

Accurate impression of space and appearance, the integration of various data sources, and interoperability with design tools are tremendously important for design reviews – and no problem at the Elbedome.

Virtual Factory Design

© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler

Designing a factory or a material handling equipment is an iterative process in which a variety of groups of professionals have to collaborate interdisciplinarily and understand each another. Virtual realities help combine heterogeneous data and unify different points of view.

Mixed Reality

© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler

Its dimensions and technical systems enable the Elbedome to furnish ideal conditions for complex mixed reality applications such as simulations with real control elements (seat modules, operator panels), or human factors testing on replicas or prototypes of workspaces, plants or machinery.

Global and Concurrent

Geographically distributed use of virtual reality technologies, e. g. in design reviews or training, is steadily growing more important in our globalized world. The Virtual Development and Training Centre’s infrastructure enables users to work distributedly – all over the world.

Our Facility

The Elbedome can be used to deliver presentations and as a discussion platform for basic and advanced training events, e. g. in product and process development, or to support decision making.

We’ll help you prepare and deliver your presentations and will preprocess your data for visualization in the Elbedome.