Welcome to the Virtual World

Design. Optimize. Decide.

We connect the real world with the virtual world in the Elbedome. From gigantic to miniscule – we visulaize any object you desire, from entire factories, technical facilities and structures down to microscopically small cells of the human body, three-dimensionally and interactively in the Elbedome.

The Elbedome is available to businesses, communities and research partners as well as their partners for their individual needs, workshops or customer events.

We employ state-of-the-art VR technologies in the Elbedome and project panoramic 3D visualizations on the walls and floor of our mixed reality laboratory. Objects are perceived three-dimensionally, creating the sensation of being in the midst of the projection image.

Sixteen meters in diameter and four meters high, our mixed reality laboratory is one of the largest in the world. More than just the Elbedome’s size creates a realistic sensation. Twenty-five advanced 3D stereo projectors for a seamless projection image, fifteen infrared cameras, just as many tracking cameras and a 7.1 sound system enable users to immerse deeply in virtual worlds.

The Elbedome is ideally suited for visualizing large objects, such as machines, complex systems, factories or entire cities.

We can visualize technical structures down to the smallest detail in the Elbedome. Otherwise hidden complex relationships become visible. This helps users make sound decisions rapidly and reliably, draft designs more efficiently, and implement projects more cost effectively.

Virtual design environments for factory and supply chain systems bring entire process chains to life. This makes it possible to capitalize on efficiency potentials and to simulate synergies and extensive interconnections in the process chain. Optimal processes that have been finalized and tested in depth are the outcome.