CPPS-Based Assistance Systems for Process Manufacturing

Project CPPSprocessAssist


Increasing the energy and resource efficiency of plants and equipment can generate economic growth in medium-sized process manufacturers. The capacity utilization of existing process plants has to be increased. It is essential to develop and use methods that enable process manufacturers to reduce servicing and maintenance times significantly. The resultant higher utilization of plants and equipment directly improves cost efficiency. Moreover, this eliminates inefficient startup and shutdown procedures and increases energy and resource efficiency.

A CPPS-based assistance system for process manufacturing was developed in the CPPSprocessAssist project and thoroughly tested in four CPPS use scenarios (demonstrators) in small and medium-sized process manufacturers (chemical, natural gas supply, energy, refining sectors). The assistance system will enable users (plant operators) to reduce unscheduled downtimes of process plants in operation for technical reasons, thus increasing energy and resource efficiency, plant availability, and plant effectiveness, and to document servicing and maintenance work automatically (compliance).




Project partners:

  • CeH4 technologies GmbH
  • Fasihi GmbH
  • Gesa Automation GmbH
  • IPT Pergande GmbH
  • Mitteldeutsches Bitumenwerk GmbH
  • ROBETA Holz GmbH